Fleur de Lis Touch of Chaos Necklace with Amethyst Swarovski

This Fleur de Lis Touch of Chaos necklace consists of al 22mm light amethyst  Swarovski baroque crystal and 2 10mm vintage Swarovski rounds with pointed ends. These vintage rounds are absolutely beautiful and unique, they are a deep cranberry/red color and can appear very dark, almost a deep black red, and as the crystal moves in the light you can see the cranberry color and it gives almost a lace-like appearance. This is by far my favorite vintage Swarovski I have found. In the center is a vintage metal Fleur de Lis with rhinestones, measuring a little over an inch, along with a small dark silver/gray crown charm, and a silver rose, both oxidized to give more of a vintage/patina look. This necklace also contains an 8 mm vintage aspirin shaped amethyst vitrail Swarovski crystal with AB coating, along with 5 small pink pearls, and is completed with a 12mm shell pearl on each end, black lace strung throughout, and a 10mm Swarovski Rhinestone ball. The chain is gunmetal in color and hangs at aprox 10 inches, however the total length of the necklace, including the Fleur de Lis is aprox 13 inches.


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