Wing “Touch of Chaos” necklace with Jet Swarovksi

   The “Touch of Chaos” necklaces consist of a combination of different and vintage Swarovski crystals, charms, lace and pearls organized in a chaotic cluster which makes it distinct and original in it’s own way.
This Wing Touch of Chaos necklace consists of a 28mm Jet black Swarovski baroque crystal and 2 8mm light amethyst vintage Swarovski multi faceted rounds with pointed ends. (These are almost a light lavender in color) In the center is a vintage metal Wing, measuring 2 inches, along with a small dark silver crown charm, that has been oxidized to give it an aged appearance, and a Thai Hill sterling silver rose. This necklace also contains a beautiful square shaped amethyst vitrail Swarovski crystal with the hole drilled so it hangs in a diamond shape. The Amethyst vitrail gives off beautiful colors of pink, lavender and baby blue. This necklace also contains 6 small pink pearls, and is completed with a 12mm shell pearl on each end, black lace strung throughout, and a 10mm Swarovski Rhinestone ball. The chain is a small gunmetal chain that is doubled on one side and on the other side has 3 mauve pearls strung between it with a 4mm amethyst 2x AB Swarovski crystal on both sides of the pearl. The necklace hangs at 8 inches, however the total length of the necklace, including the Wing is aprox 11 inches.


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