Pocket watch Touch of Chaos necklace

The Touch of Chaos necklaces consist of a combination of different and vintage Swarovski crystals, charms, lace and pearls organized in a chaotic cluster which makes it distinct and original in it’s own way.

This pocket watch Touch of Chaos necklace consists of a 28mm Jet black Swarovski baroque crystal and 2 10mm rose satin vintage Swarovski rounds with pointed ends. In the center is a working pocket watch with a heart shaped face, along with a small dark bronze crown charm, and a Thai Hill sterling silver rose. This necklace also contains a cosmic cut crystal caladium Swarovski crystal . This necklace also contains 5 small pink pearls, and is completed with a 12mm shell pearl on each end, black lace strung throughout, and a 10mm Swarovski Rhinestone ball. The chain is a vintage style chain and hangs at 8 inches, however the total length of the necklace, including the pocket watch is aprox 11 inches.


This chain can be made longer upon request and availability of the chain

Currently Available at Harmony Works in Redondo Beach

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