About Us

My name is Laura, and I am a Critical Care Nurse and the designer and owner of Chaotic Soul Jewelry. I began making necklaces and bracelets as a project to do with my daughter and very quickly developed a passion for it.

I have a different kind of style which is represented in my jewelry, as it has an edge to it but maintains it’s feminine appeal. It is bold, it is different, and it makes a statement.

All of Chaotic Soul’s jewelry is handmade and I spend a lot of time with my designs, as each piece needs to fit together perfectly. Often times days after it is finished I will still be making small changes and adjustments to it. It’s what I do, it’s who I am and it makes my jewelry special to me.

I am constantly making new jewelry, so please subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates on products, and/or events I will be doing. I am currently working on a shopping cart section, and unless otherwise specified, all products that are listed are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing something, or are a retailer and would like a wholesale price list, please email me at laura@chaoticsouljewelry.com . I do accept all major credit cards and can process payment via phone/email, as well as payments through paypal.

Visit Chaotic Soul Jewelry on  facebook to get the most up to date information on upcoming events and jewelry (new photos are posted frequently) All of the jewelry listed on Facebook is available for purchase (unless listed otherwise). Please email me or post a comment through Facebook if you are interested.


Thank you for visiting my site, and Welcome to Chaotic Soul Jewelry.



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